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Star Trek Into Darkness Spoiler Thread!

Here's a thread just for Star Trek Into Darkness SPOILERS. As in, for people who have already seen the film and wish to discuss its woman-related content. If you just wanna say hi to the community and dust yourself off without getting spoiled, hop one entry back. Here: go nuts*.

*within reason because, not having seen the movie myself, I'm not reading comments for a few days and am thus asking you to behave yourselves!**

**don't make me turn this spaceship around
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i don't know how to start this
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(I feel complicated about it because I enjoyed it for much the same reasons I enjoyed the first one. All the nerds were beautiful. But there was still Bechdel fail and Khan fail.)
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I loved and adored it and for some reason I have burning questions about the astounding fail of Starfleet's contingency planning in the face of explosions. Also the Air Traffic Control.

There may be something wrong with me.
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I feel the same way - Starfleet's security sucks. They could not be more awful at it if they tried.
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Admittedly, I'd done a day of emergency incident planning (what do we do with the shocked acetylene cylinder, children?) the day before I saw it, so the whole glass and explosives and aviation fuel and general common sense in the face of flammables was high on my mind but still, we put war rooms underground for a reason. *facepalm*

None of the other plot holes bothered me, but this one....